Class Plugin


public class Plugin extends Object
Represents any Plugin that may be loaded at runtime to enhance existing functionality.
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  • Method Details

    • onLoad

      public void onLoad()
      Called when the plugin has just been loaded. Most of the proxy will not be initialized, so only use it for registering ConfigurationAdapter's and other predefined behavior.
    • onEnable

      public void onEnable()
      Called when this plugin is enabled.
    • onDisable

      public void onDisable()
      Called when this plugin is disabled.
    • getDataFolder

      public final File getDataFolder()
      Gets the data folder where this plugin may store arbitrary data. It will be a child of ProxyServer.getPluginsFolder().
      the data folder of this plugin
    • getResourceAsStream

      public final InputStream getResourceAsStream(String name)
      Get a resource from within this plugins jar or container. Care must be taken to close the returned stream.
      name - the full path name of this resource
      the stream for getting this resource, or null if it does not exist
    • getExecutorService

      @Deprecated public ExecutorService getExecutorService()