Class PipeOutput.Options

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public static class PipeOutput.Options extends AbstractPipePart.OptionsList
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      public static final AbstractPipePart.Option<Boolean> WHITELIST
      Whether or not this output is in whitelist mode. This changes how the filter items are used.

      Possible Values:

      • true if this output is in whitelist mode and should only let items through that are in the inventory
      • false if this output is in blacklist mode and should only let items through that are not in the inventory

      Whether or not this output can overflow into other available outputs

      Possible Values:

      • input if the input settings should decide the overflow rules
      • enabled if the items should end up in the overflow
      • disabled if this output should force items to end up here even 'though the target is full

      public static final AbstractPipePart.Option<Boolean> SMART_INSERT
      Whether or not to try to insert into the appropriate slots depending on the item type (like fuel)

      Possible Values:

      • true Detect the item type and put it in the slot that it belongs to
      • false Use the face that the output is facing to select the slot

      public static final AbstractPipePart.Option<Boolean> MATERIAL_FILTER
      Whether or not to respect the material of the filter item when filtering.

      public static final AbstractPipePart.Option<Boolean> DAMAGE_FILTER
      Whether or not to respect tool damage values when filtering

      public static final AbstractPipePart.Option<Boolean> DISPLAY_FILTER
      Whether or not to respect custom item names and lores when filtering

      public static final AbstractPipePart.Option<Boolean> ENCHANTMENT_FILTER
      Whether or to respect enchantments when filtering

      public static final AbstractPipePart.Option<Boolean> DATA_FILTER
      Filter all the data of the items exactly

      public static final AbstractPipePart.Option<Boolean> TARGET_AMOUNT
      Whether or not to use the amount of the filter item as the amount to which the target should be filled up to
    • DROP

      public static final AbstractPipePart.Option<Boolean> DROP
      Whether or not to drop the item instead of adding to an inventory
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    • Options

      public Options()
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