Class ScoreComponent


public final class ScoreComponent extends BaseComponent
This component displays the score based on a player score on the scoreboard.
The name is the name of the player stored on the scoreboard, which may be a "fake" player. It can also be a target selector that must resolve to 1 target, and may target non-player entities.
With a book, /tellraw, or /title, using the wildcard '*' in the place of a name or target selector will cause all players to see their own score in the specified objective.
Signs cannot use the '*' wildcard
These values are filled in by the server-side implementation.
As of 1.12.2, a bug ( MC-56373 ) prevents full usage within hover events.
  • Constructor Details

    • ScoreComponent

      public ScoreComponent(String name, String objective)
      Creates a new score component with the specified name and objective.
      If not specifically set, value will default to an empty string; signifying that the scoreboard value should take precedence. If not null, nor empty, value will override any value found in the scoreboard.
      The value defaults to an empty string.
      name - the name of the entity, or an entity selector, whose score should be displayed
      objective - the internal name of the objective the entity's score is attached to
    • ScoreComponent

      public ScoreComponent(ScoreComponent original)
      Creates a score component from the original to clone it.
      original - the original for the new score component
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